Canine coaching Summer Courses

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Clicker Training

£25.00 for 1 hour workshop


August 7th at 11-12pm

The Village Hall, Bute Avenue, Petersham, TW10 7AX.

Want to help reinforce some new and advanced training techniques for your dog? Or change current behaviours? Perhaps you’d like to teach your dog a few new tricks? Then this workshop is for you and your dog!

Training clickers can be used to help mark and reinforce certain behaviours and learning, when combined with reward based training methods. Used incorrecty and they can do the exact opposite so come to our workshop to learn the basic ‘dos and don’ts’ of clicker training.

Training includes:

  • How to use a clicker

  • The three simple steps to achieving results

  • Using a clicker to reinforce current learning

  • Using a clicker to teach new behaviour

  • Using a clicker to help modify current behaviour

  • Using a clicker to help train tricks

  • And more!

FREE clicker provided at the start of every workshop for you to take home with you.

Suitable for dogs aged 20 weeks and over.

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Summer School

£100.00 for 5 week programme of £25 to drop in


Wednesdays at 11-12pm from July 31st to August 28th,

The Village Hall, Bute Avenue, Petersham, TW10 7AX.

Summer School with ‘Lady & the Superhounds’ is a series of fun 1 hour workshops across the summer holidays, perfect for young handlers* and their families.

We will cover a different specialism each week from ‘circus skills’, ‘doggy dancing’ to ‘mini agility’, ‘brain games’ and ‘tricks’.

Drop-in to any workshop or sign up to five classes for the price of four if you wish to attend the whole school.

Full Programme:

  • July 31st: Circus Skills

  • August 7th: Tricks

  • August 14th: Doggy Dancing

  • August 21st: Brain Games

  • August 28th: Mini Agility

Suitable for dogs aged 20 weeks and over with a basic level of training. Contact us if you’re not sure if you’re dog is suitable for this course.

Super easy and fun for all the family!

*Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

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Brain Games

£25.00 for 1 hour workshop


August 21st at 11-12pm

The Village Hall, Bute Avenue, Petersham, TW10 7AX.

Does your dog become restless and bored easily? Have you run out of games to play with them or are they bored of all of their toys? Then join us for this 1 hour workshop to help teach your dog some fun boredom busters!

‘Dog enrichment’ is a really useful area to leaarn about if you are interested to discover ways you can teach your dog how to keep themsleves entertained and ‘busy’ by using their own brains.

Training includes:

  • What is dog enrichment?

  • How do dogs learn and how you can help them

  • Introduce your dog to new games and toys

  • Train your dog 3 smart brain games they can do on their own at home

  • Train your dog new tricks to help them develop their brains

  • How to train your dog to be super brainy

  • And more!

Suitable for dogs aged 12 weeks plus (puppies must be vaccinated). No prior experience needed.

Fun for all the family!